SHIRO™ White Tomato Essence Drink is a natural drink made from a 100% Non-Genetically-Modified White Tomato, formulated in Japan with benefits that skin whitening, detoxification, and anti-oxidation, a safe and natural way to promote radiant complexion and even skin tone.
PhytoflORAL, from white tomatoes, is the key active ingredient in SHIRO™ White Tomato Essence Drink, enhanced with Glutathione, Vitamin C and Grape Seed Extract.
PhytoflORAL® directly inhibits melanin synthesis, therefore lightening the skin pigmentation and eliminating uneven skin tones, preventing sun damage and is resistant to free radicals too. In addition, Glutathione reduces pigmentation and control dark spots by suppressing tyrosinase. Sparing with Vitamin C, which may help increase glutathione levels by attacking free radicals, as it also helps reprocessing glutathione by converting oxidized glutathione back into its active form.
Many carotenoids are colored; SHIRO Carotenoids are colourless. The two important players are Phytoene and phytofluene, the first carotenoid precursors in the biosynthetic pathway of other carotenoids, absorbing light in the UV range. The colourless Carotenoids have effective and beneficial activities for beauty applications, specifically in protection against UVA/UVB and oxidative damage, which are known to lead to premature aging and other wear and tear. The ability to control pigmentation by inhibiting melanin synthesis, is what makes these colorless Carotenoids lighten the skin. They also reduce inflammation, inhibit collagenase expression and thereby collagen degradation and protect DNA from oxidative damage. Altogether adding benefits to better looking and healthier skin. Additionally, colourless Carotenoids are capable of stabilization, protection and boosting of bio-molecules.
Regular tomatoes don’t protect against UV and do not have skin whitening.
Recommended 1-2 sachets a day. 1 month will see the radiance and lighten effects. Results may vary from individuals
SHIRO™ is a natural health drink, it is recommended to be taken regularly for continuous against UV rays, free radicals, sun damage also liver detox.
There are no known side effects unless you are allergic to tomatoes and yeast.
Do not consume SHIRO if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
It is necessary to continue with the use of sunblock against direct sun exposure.
SHIRO can be taken anytime, day or night. Recommended before food.


Bian rejuvenating serum is a skincare product/cosmeceutical product specifically formulated for the wrinkle improvement, hydration, pigmentation prevention and age-prevention, and is paraben-free.
Bian™ rejuvenating serum incorporates more than 40 synergistic active ingredients to specifically inhibit the different pathways of accelerate skin renewal. The key ingredients, EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) , is a particularly potent proteins for the formulation of cell renew and wound repair. Another ingredient, stem cells also contains super intelligent cell and DNA protection.
EGF stands for epidermal growth factor, which is a single-chain, non-glycosylated protein that naturally occurs in our skin cells. Its main purpose is to heal our skin by promoting DNA synthesis and cell proliferation. Once it binds to EGFR, which is its receptor, on the surface of the cell, the combination of the two kickstarts several signaling pathways that ultimately lead to results such as cell proliferation, differentiation, and survival. As the healing factor for our body, EGF helps repair skin as well as corneal, intestinal, and mucosal wounds. The discovery of EGF won the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1986.
EGF has many benefits for your skin, including wrinkle improvement, hydration, and pigmentation prevention. The process by which EGF encourages cell growth also stimulates the division of keratinocytes and fibroblasts, which then synthesize fibrous proteins that improve skin elasticity such as collagen and elastin. Because EGF repairs skin by stimulating the growth of new skin cells, it also enhances skin barrier. This allows skin to hold on to moisture better, so your skin becomes smoother and softer. Lastly, it inhibits melanin production during the wound healing process, so it improves acne marks and other forms of hyperpigmentation.
Yes. Bian rejuvenating serum is quickly and proactively repairs skin, eyebrow embroidery, blemishes, acne and damaged skin after plastic surgery.
Yes. As EGF can improve skin sensitivity.
When you consider the popularity of other anti-aging ingredients such as collagen and adenosine, it’s clear that EGF is still pretty much a best-kept secret in the skin care world. If you’re looking to hydrate, brighten, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles all at once, Bian™ rejuvenating EGF serum will be worth a try.
Bian™ rejuvenating serum contains the world purest and higest concentration of EGF.
Both are the same. Ingredients and functions yield the same result.
For beginner user, we will recommend you use the capsule. Reason being the capsule content is smaller and affordable. For long time user, we recommend you buy the bottle since the content allows for longer term use that can last up to two or three months. Capsule packing can last for one month, which is good for beginner to try.