A company born from wanting to bring the best products that have gone undiscovered people who comb through series of endless options. The beauty and wellness industry is cluttered the horrible and the truly amazing, but Felicia and Jason—the founding couple of De Shynn, know that finding out which is the most difficult part. We want to bring real results with honest products that are simply worth the time, with no compromising on the quality or stability.

The result of their efforts has currently boiled down to two specific products we offer , both being top quality and showing the results De Shynn stands behind. We want to show you a change we believe in, from the bottom of our hearts.

De Shynn Beauty & Healthcare


True self-confidence comes from contentment with the mental, physical and spiritual areas of a person, and is what makes one glow. Our mission is to help you actualize that goal, to uncover your outer beauty, to become your best self and to face life's challenges with a smile on your face.


We want to build a sincere relationship with our customers built on tried and true results. Our drive is our belief that what we offer can bring something of real value to you with proof and integrity.


We practice honesty and personal growth. We are on this journey with you.